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  • leeuniverse replied

    You not being able to upload has ZERO to do with the theme…..
    It has to be your webhost….. especially if you can’t upload by FTP either.

    This is FACT….. I’m an IT specialist. Know what I’m speaking.

    Are you able to extract the files from the zip fine?
    And when you say you tried up upload by FTP, you tried to upload the “unzipped” files, or did you try to upload the zip? If the zip, then it’s your webhost blocking it for some reason. If you can’t extract the files from the zip, then maybe the file was a bad download. Download the file again. If you can extract the files, and then you can’t upload those extracted files, then there’s clearly a problem with your host or your folder permissions. You might have the wrong permissions CHMOD on your folders.

    Anyway, unless the download is corrupt, it’s your folder permissions on your site or it’s your webhost.