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  • BajaArtists replied

    How can i get the shorts codes for the home page lay out you have. There are things in the video that doesn’t seem to explain the page layout correctly and things are not working.

    When adding the double side bars in the element, in the video the main side bar and secondary sidebar just appear, even when you haven’t picked a sidebar name for those elements. It’s like it happen by default, but in real life, they don’t just appear.
    If nothing is picked, it shows blank. Also they over lap please see this link: http://www.bajaartists.net/ it doesn’t look right. Please view and you can see the overlap.

    I Don’t know why you don’t have a template for us to work with? so that we can start from there or just rename elements… 🙁

    How do i correct the side bar issue without lapping?

    Can you supply the short code you used? I am getting really annoyed with this theme. 🙁

    I just removed the page from the landing page. Please view this link: http://www.bajaartists.net/home-2/
    to see the problem i have.

    can you help me with the layout?

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    • This reply was modified 6 years, 3 months ago by BajaArtists.