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  • Sergio_aa replied

    My two cents;-),

    · An option to upload custom icons (not only inside a post, but everywhere where you can upload an icon, such as a page or category). A lot of us use icons “to show” the different categories on the menu, and that would be great.

    · An option to select a RTL/LTR layout for each news box, when inserting it on a page/post (sometimes, it fits better in a page/post to have a news box with the thumbnails on the left, but some other, it fits better with them on the right, especially if you use the theme on a magazine site;-)).

    · An option to enable/disable which social sharing networks to show for every post/page and the possibility to add some more (for example, my readers usually don’t share my posts through Linkedin, but they do from Tumblr or StumbleUpon).

    · An option to upload our own fonts (webfonts) and disable Google fonts.

    · Adding Google + and Pinterest social sharing buttons to the lightbox (not only Twitter and Facebook).