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  • raghuvamshi replied

    Multinews is one of the coolest themes out there, and I have played with at least 35 Top themes available in the market. Great job.

    A few items I would like to recommend for future:

    1. Top menu items should honor the menu color. Mine currently does not.
    2. Using long custom text in Top menu should not break the responsive design (I tried using top menu area to add my company’s tag line. worked great on desktops but on mobiles responsive layout got broken)
    3. Some built in help for Forums would be great. Multinews Demo does not have forum. It would be helpful to know what is the ‘recommended’ way to integrate a forum plugin with Multinews.
    4. Responsive layout in genera needs to be bit more robust. I have another open ticket where the display is just totally vanishing on some tablets (specifically, samsung tablet in portrait mode). Works fine on most other tablets and mobiles and never has problem in landscape mode even in samsung note.
    5. Page loading gets slow compared to other themes. Especially the fonts. They tend to take longer than while using other templates.