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  • accu-rate replied

    I have emailed you.

    Also, Theme is not upgrading itself. Try to fix that too, please.

  • accu-rate replied

    Thanks for resolving these problems.

  • accu-rate replied

    I think twitter widget takes time to reflect the numbers — its ok.

    But the tabbing widget is not working

    http://prntscr.com/5f80d2 — I need my widget like this one of yours

    I tried following cases

    1. http://prntscr.com/5f7xqshttp://prntscr.com/5f7x9m — Widget not configured

    2. http://prntscr.com/5f7y8whttp://prntscr.com/5f7zlj — Widget showing wrong info

    How should i use the tabbed widget correctly.

    Please help in resolving the problem. Awaiting your response..

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  • accu-rate replied

    WP SUPER cache is not working with cdn. When I activate it, my site’s CSS doesn’t work.

    Please suggest any solution. If you need then I can provide my login details to you.

  • accu-rate replied

    I have more than 850 blog posts, so, whenever I try to upgrade to version 5 it just show processing …. but does not upgrade even after spending more than 6 hours it shows “processing …. ”

    Is there is any way of quick upgrading.

  • accu-rate replied

    Icon Problem is now resolved. It was due to W3TC plugin (just for your information)

  • accu-rate replied

    Also I have added twitter api keys and tokens but still twitter counter is showing zero.

    I have tried following inputs in TWITTER NAME field in widget
    1. https://twitter.com/techpluto
    2. techpluto
    3. @techpluto
    None of them worked

    You suggest what should I input

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  • accu-rate replied

    Hi nathan9453,

    Can you tell me how did you fix the icon not displaying problem.
    I am having the same issue. No icon is showing