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    thank you too much for your help and effort, you are the best ever support

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    Private ContentSupport staff only who can see this content

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    i see but what is my mistakes, i told you everything
    so please can you log in and check my website and fix it please???
    but how can i give you my username and password for my website here, everybody will know
    many thanks for your responding and help

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    Thanks for your help and effort
    already i set my language to Arabic from settings > general > language
    the menu and news bar are still reversed left to Right layout
    see the screenshot


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    I know that well but, they need To receive automatic updates license activation is required for this 3 plugin???

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    I am not sure how your navigation looks???
    my website is Arabic language RTL and the menu is arranged from left to right, that is all, and we read from right to left.
    and also the news bar is reversed from left to right
    Finally I would like to make both from right to left
    by the way I’m using child theme
    many thanks for your help

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    Thanks for your help
    the logo is removed but I still have the header Height is 154 PX is empty space, and in theme options the minimum height is 40Px, I would like to make it 0PX to remove this empty space.

    the code for Menu aliment it’s not working and the menu still aliment to left like your English demo.