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  • Leifmoo replied

    Thx for that.
    Another quick question about the same thing.
    Is it possible to move the pagnation div so it’s under the “base-box bst” div class?

    When i was looking in the chrome developer tools i just moved the “bbp-pagnation” div so it was under the “base-box bst” div. Like this -> http://i.imgur.com/heVX8D0.png
    Is it possible to do in the code somewhere?


  • Leifmoo replied
  • Leifmoo replied

    Yes, thats the one i mean.

    Ok, thx for the answer.

  • Leifmoo replied

    Wow, That was not very clear what i were asking.
    I get no subscribe to topic button on forums/topics in goodnews theme*

  • Leifmoo replied

    Omg im blind….
    Thank you..