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  • MikeTawse replied

    Sadly, the information you have given seems to be wrong. In simple terms I want to REPLACE ALL specified excerpts with the default that WordPress creates for itself.

    echo wp_html_excerpt($excerpt,200);

    does NOT re-instate shortcodes



    does not seem to contain files that control excerpts…

    I hope you will be able to offer more accurate information.

    In simple terms: Excerpts should NOT strip ANY CODE. EXCERPTS should NOT use custom number of characters, and SHOULD be the default created by WordPress

    Many thanks


  • MikeTawse replied

    Many thanks for your help. Best wishes — Mike

  • MikeTawse replied

    Thank you for your reply. Please be more specific. I am NOT a coder. Please tell me, in detail what I need to ask for. Also, please note: Envato Studio told me I should contact “support offered by the theme’s author”.

    The reason for making this change is so that I can make the site more accessible to people with disabilities, by reducing the number of clicks needed, to read full content.

    I am extremely disappointed that no-one is able to help. I hope you might reconsider, or tell me what I need to ask for. It is also worth reminding you, that this theme does not use the code, given as examples in codex. This means the knowledge of the author is likely to be required.

    Best wishes, and many thanks.